January 7, 2014

Can't Sleep Talk #1 + some randomness

Happy Frickin' freezing day!  That is, if you're in the Midwest or on the east coast like me.  It's about 4 degrees here in South Jersey today with nutty windchill's.  This weather is crazy stupid!  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 28 degrees.  I'll take that in a heartbeat.

I thought I'd begin the first Can't Sleep Talk Link up today since, well, last night was a better sleep but still pretty annoying.  I did a lot of laundry last night and also washed the bed sheets.  It was getting close to midnight and I just couldn't get myself up off the couch to grab the sheets and make the bed. So my lazy self just remained on the couch watching TV until I fell asleep. I slept pretty well because I remember some crazy dreams that I had. 

3am came and it felt like my chest was on fire.  This heartburn is no joke and this kid better have a few hairs on her head!  Between the coughing and chugging cold water and poppin' tums like a mad woman, while simultaneously awaking my husband from his precious sleep, it was not fun.  It lasted about 30 minutes I suppose and then I somehow comfortably fell back asleep. For future reference, if I ever wake up hungry and WIDE awake, I'm indulging in Karly's genius idea!

Why have I never thought of this before??


I'm convinced this is the perfect late night snack...especially whilst pregnant. :)

So, do you toss or save most of your holiday cards?  All of the picture ones I save. I mean, they are pictures and stores sell frames. Why not make a cute collage with a few of those holiday pics of family, friends and even animals and frame them up?  I plan to do that with a few I received this year.  

I also like to cut out a few of the prettiest pieces on the cards I get and use them on my own cards and/or envelopes for the following holidays.

 I know. I'm like a giddy 8 year old girl.  All that's missing is the Lisa Frank stickers...

Do you or did you ever do this sort of thing with all of your Holiday cards you received?

How have you been sleeping lately?

Favorite late night snack?

 Stay warm friends!


  1. When is your due date?? I'm sorry you are feeling so badly! Hang in there...your baby will be here before you know it and your life will be forever changed. Enjoy your quiet moments while you have them!

    Love that idea for the holiday cards! I decided to start making an album of the photo cards each year, but don't really save the non-photo cards unless they are very special. Love your idea of recycling pieces of them! Next year, for sure!

    1. thanks, Rachel! 2/25. I wouldn't mind her coming a little early! :)